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Customer Success Story – Streamlining Sales Process for TelCo

For our customer, one of the biggest telecommunication providers in Europe, we analysed their Salesforce Sales Cloud process. Their common challenges were that each opportunity was quite complex, and sales representatives utilised the software in their own way. Therefore, opportunities tended to stay longer in the funnel, consequently missing out on potential sales. Not only did we create transparency in the process, but we also discovered that combining opportunities and accounts helped to determine why an opportunity was lost and why the approvals took more time than expected. Check out our full Customer Success Story!

How is Process Mining Valuable for Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a comprehensive Sales and opportunity management platform considered the main channel to acquire customers, create quotes and manage leads. Effective sales opportunity management allows you to better plan your sales pipeline and understand your customers, enabling you to determine and prioritize potential clients based on previous data. With the help of Process Mining, you can optimize and streamline your Salesforce Sales Cloud. Read the entire article to find out how we use process mining to optimize and streamline Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Advantages of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud

The advantages of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud are many. Creating transparency in your process allows to uncover inefficiencies of which we can solve with Process Mining. To begin with, Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive customer service and help desk platform considered the main communication channel between the customer and your company. With process mining, we can uncover inefficiencies, create transparency and overall enhance your system. Read this article to find out what the advantages are of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud.

Process Mining for Salesforce

Do you believe you are not getting the most value out of your Salesforce Implementation?

Recently you made a large investment for your company or department by implementing Salesforce. However, post-implementation and after having worked with Salesforce for a while, you notice that a significant number of fields are not being used.