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Applying Process Mining to Formula 1

At Apolix, we think beyond the usual business processes now and then. Not only does this widen our perspective on new processes, but it also is an interesting thought exercise to force ourselves to look at things from another perspective. This article will therefore focus on Formula 1: what does a Formula 1 season look like through the eyes of Celonis?

Customer Success Story – Increasing Efficiency in Complex Agricultural Process

Our client is the global leader in the agricultural industry for creating sustainable flowers. They experiment extensively to develop new materials. Their Material Creation process is lengthy and complex due to many variables. To bring transparency into the said process, we started by connecting two different processes that rely on each other throughout the creation of new flowers. With complete transparency into the overall process, we gave our customer the data to understand the effort for the material creation versus the actual usage of the material

Customer Success Story – Municipality of Hilversum : Streamlining Municipality Charges

The municipality of Hilversum aims to send out the annual municipality charges before the 1st of March every year. However, due to many manual interventions, the procedure around calculating and processing said charges are highly complex and time-consuming. Therefore, Apolix built a tailored process mining solution. Not only did we create transparency in the process, we gave them a risk-and-control matrix to manage the risks and a dashboard to discover in real-time the as-is situation of all charges.

Customer Success Story – Frictionless Customer Service for Telco

For our customer, a telecommunications company in the service management industry, we analyzed their customer service process. From looking at how they currently handled complex customer inquiries to reassignment rate between agents, we took the entire process under the loop. Read our the Customer Success Story where we take you through the entire journey from what the challenges were to how we optimized the process.

Process Mining Analysis — Workouts

Process mining is traditionally used in a business setting yet the power of process mining truly lies in its versatility and clarity. As such, it can be applied to many different use-cases. Applying process mining to a workout regime is an interesting study to look at and to show the many applications of Process Mining. Read on to find out how to use process mining for workouts and how this can improve your workout regime.

Examples Of Conformance Validation Opportunities With Process Mining

Firstly, what opportunities are there for conformance validation with process mining? One of the most challenging inconsistencies within complex and enormous processes is conforming to organization rules within the company and the process. Thus these non-conforming cases can have a significantly negative effect on the company’s cash flow and unrealized revenue. Process mining allows us to analyze these cases, understand why they occur and take civil action to decrease the number of non-conforming issues.

How Can Process Mining Create Value For Sustainability?

Recently, companies have become more willing to show their sustainable engagement and integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices in their business. However, the challenge for many corporate leaders is to understand how to effectively reach their sustainability targets. Generally speaking, sustainability is regarded as a ‘silo’ issue in organizations, often tackled using a top-down approach, which involves policies and operational directives. Let us show you how process mining can play a big role when used for sustainability purposes.

Valuable Ways Process Mining Can Benefit The Healthcare Industry

Firstly, the healthcare industry is a complex arena of business due to the many stakeholders. To begin with, interest in process mining applied to the healthcare sector is growing due to the various optimisation potentials. In addition, the benefits it offers to administrative and treatment processes. Generally, healthcare processes are defined by decisions of different healthcare professionals. Thus making them highly heterogeneous, complex and therefore difficult to trace. However, process mining allows to visualise the most common patient pathways or deep-dive into specific use cases to identify undesired steps within the process. With this in mind, let’s dive deeper into valuable benefits of process mining for the healthcare industry.

The Advantages of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud

The advantages of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud are many. Creating transparency in your process allows to uncover inefficiencies of which we can solve with Process Mining. To begin with, Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive customer service and help desk platform considered the main communication channel between the customer and your company. With process mining, we can uncover inefficiencies, create transparency and overall enhance your system. Read this article to find out what the advantages are of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud.

Apolix is Recognised as Platinum Celonis Partner

Apolix has been recognized as a Platinum Partner for Celonis. An achievement that highlights we are worldwide one of the best Celonis partners and shows our expertise in the field of process mining.Apolix’s ambition is to be the best in the services we provide, and we have been excelling in this by continuously delivering true business value for our clients. Going from a Certified Celonis Partner to Platinum Partner in a short period is proof of our continuous hard work, fully understanding Celonis, and the ability to translate the value of the data to our clients. Recently, Celonis announced Apolix as one of the most successful and fastest-growing partners globally.