Process Mining in Finance – Optimising Return on Invested Capital

Today we delve into Return on Invested Capital, which measures how well a company generates profits with its assets. Efficient cashflow management is instrumental to improve profitability. Based on the data from your IT system, we identify early-paid invoices and help to increase the Return on Invested Capital.

Process Mining for Warehouse Management – Reorders

Click here to learn all about process mining for warehouse management! We explain how you can create an transparent overview from your data and find major problems in your process. We take our analysis even further and calculate the impact these issues have on the business. The business case gives overwhelming reasons to tackle the problem, which we do by finding the root causes and taking far reaching measures.

Process Mining for Customer Service – Rework

In our fourth process mining webinar we delve into the customer service department. You learn how to identify major problems in your process, such as rework. Moreover, we assess the impact of rework on the business and its root causes. we benchmarked the Amsterdam plant with Rotterdam in order to learn from each other’s best practices and, thus, improving the entire process.

Process Mining in Manufacturing – Adherence to Schedule

Today’s webinar looks at a process mining for manufacturing use-case. We dive into the adherence to schedule in the production process. Identify the early and late produced orders and find the root causes for this problem. Lastly, we take actions within the Celonis platform to prevent violations in the future.

Process Mining – Compliance Checking in Order-to-Cash

This is the second webinar out of a series of process mining webinars that show specific use-cases for various departments, today we cover compliance checking in order-to-cash. We go into three topics: How to identify non-compliance, its root causes and how to prevent this in the future with the help of process mining.

Process Mining in Finance: Maverick Buying

Welcome to our first webinar out of a series of process mining webinars covering use-cases for various departments. In these webinars we take a deep dive into the topic and explain it concisely in about 6 minutes. This video covers the concept of Maverick Buying and how to get started with process mining in your organisation.