Process Mining for Salesforce

Do you believe you are not getting the most value out of your Salesforce Implementation?

Recently you made a large investment for your company or department by implementing Salesforce. However, post-implementation and after having worked with Salesforce for a while, you notice that a significant number of fields are not being used.

Introduction to Process Mining – What you need to know

You can compare Process mining can to the bread-crumb trail famously left by Hensel and Gretel. Like Gretel process mining traces those breadcrumbs back to form a process model. In this introduction to process mining, you will learn what it is all about and how it will add value to your process excellence.

Benefits of Process Mining for Hospitals

Given the need for maintaining high levels of quality, timing and functionality, it is crucial for health care institutions to spot hidden inefficiencies, optimise processes and save lives. We take a look at real patient data for sepsis hospital admissions and explore how they can increase efficiency, and capacity reducing costs.

Successful ERP migrations with Process Mining

ERP migrations are a slow and delicate process. As the continuity of your business is significantly impacted by losses of data or a malfunctioning ERP system. Learn how process mining supports you to measure the success of a migration, create transparency throughout the process and maintain data integrity.