Benefits of Process Mining for Hospitals

Given the need for maintaining high levels of quality, timing and functionality, it is crucial for health care institutions to spot hidden inefficiencies, optimise processes and save lives. We take a look at real patient data for sepsis hospital admissions and explore how they can increase efficiency, and capacity reducing costs.

Advantages Of Process Mining For E-Commerce

You don’t need to be a business expert to know that online user tracking in webshops has reshaped modern commerce. We take a look at Protein Shakes B.V. and discover how process mining combines website tracking and order data to optimise the webshop.

Get started with the Action Engine – Celonis Snap

Process mining empowers your organisation to continuously improve your business processes. You can take actions with the Celonis Action Engine based on the findings from your dashboard. This video teaches you to set up Action Engine skills to help underperforming employees become more efficient.

How to get started with Process Mining – Celonis Snap

The numerous blogs, articles and webinars on the internet show the wide range of benefits process mining has to offer to your organisation. Nevertheless, it is more fun to explore this powerful tool with your own data. That is why we made a guide on how to start with process mining in Celonis Snap! Celonis Snap is the free version of the Celonis process mining platform. Check out this video to get started in no-time.

Process Mining Business Case – Call Centre Customer Service

The benefits of process mining are great, however, what exact value does this offer to your organisation? To give a better understanding how we build a business case, we have created an example analysis of a call centre and wrote a blog about it!

Process Mining Analysis – Feyenoord Rotterdam

Process mining can be applied to a wide variety of business processes. Finding an initial process to proof the value of process mining is extremely important and also challenging. Where does process mining add the most value to your business? It is important to target the business processes where the most value can be added.