Valuable Ways Process Mining Can Benefit The Healthcare Industry

Firstly, the healthcare industry is a complex arena of business due to the many stakeholders. To begin with, interest in process mining applied to the healthcare sector is growing due to the various optimisation potentials. In addition, the benefits it offers to administrative and treatment processes. Generally, healthcare processes are defined by decisions of different healthcare professionals. Thus making them highly heterogeneous, complex and therefore difficult to trace. However, process mining allows to visualise the most common patient pathways or deep-dive into specific use cases to identify undesired steps within the process. With this in mind, let’s dive deeper into valuable benefits of process mining for the healthcare industry.

The Advantages of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud

The advantages of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud are many. Creating transparency in your process allows to uncover inefficiencies of which we can solve with Process Mining. To begin with, Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive customer service and help desk platform considered the main communication channel between the customer and your company. With process mining, we can uncover inefficiencies, create transparency and overall enhance your system. Read this article to find out what the advantages are of Process Mining for Salesforce Service Cloud.

Apolix is Recognised as Platinum Celonis Partner

Apolix has been recognized as a Platinum Partner for Celonis. An achievement that highlights we are worldwide one of the best Celonis partners and shows our expertise in the field of process mining.Apolix’s ambition is to be the best in the services we provide, and we have been excelling in this by continuously delivering true business value for our clients. Going from a Certified Celonis Partner to Platinum Partner in a short period is proof of our continuous hard work, fully understanding Celonis, and the ability to translate the value of the data to our clients. Recently, Celonis announced Apolix as one of the most successful and fastest-growing partners globally.

The Benefits of Process Mining for Order Management

In most industries, order management is the first step to engage in a strong long-lasting customer relationship. The process starts with the moment from which an order is received upon until the order was shipped and the customer paid the invoice. Having an effective and reliable order management process is a massive challenge for most firms due to the complexity of the process and the volume of orders, especially for larger organizations. However, with the emergence of process mining firms can now get a full transparency of their O2C processes while improving in key performance areas such as labour productivity or customer satisfaction.

Process Mining Opportunities for RPA

In what way can Process Mining be used for successful RPA implementation?

Process Mining can be used in different ways to support the implementation of RPA systems within a company’s system. Not only can Process Mining optimize processes, it can be also be used to identify processes that are particularly well suited for RPA. After RPA is implemented, Process Mining’s use evolves into becoming a monitoring tool in which the software robots are supervised on performance. 

Process Mining for Mobility? This is what you need to know

Individual mobility behaviors are continuously recorded through mobile phones, wireless networking devices, and GPS appliances using various positioning methods.

These mobility statistics are crucial for gaining a better understanding of people’s mobility habits. Recent studies reveal that, despite differences in the mobility areas visited by individuals, human behaviors in mobility are very regular, implying that most people follow a simple and repeatable pattern.

With the help of Process Mining, it’s possible to visualize and improve also the mobility sector!

Customer Success Story – Transparency & Automation for Prescription-Based Order in Healthcare

For our customer, a company in the medical supply and healthcare industry, we made a complete visualization and analysis of their ‘personalized’ Prescription-Based Order Excellence process. From project methodology to General findings to Action Taken to Conclusion, we cover the entire process in this Customer Success Story.

How can Process Mining be Valuable for Accounts Payable?

The Accounts Payable (AP) Process is the management and execution of a company’s short-term payment obligations to suppliers. In other words, it is the process of paying suppliers for goods and services purchased on credit. The AP process is a sub-part of the Procure-to-Pay process, which includes all activities from procurement to invoice processing and supplier payments. How can Process Mining support this process? Read more to find out!

Apolix is nominated for most promising start-up of 2021 in the Netherlands!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Apolix is selected as one of the most promising start-ups of 2021 in the Netherlands by MT/Sprout!

We need your help one more time to secure this position by voting for us via this blog post!

Erasmus School of Law Student Journey – Customer Success Story

In our previous project, we focused on the student application process to attract international top talent to the EUR. Drawing upon the success of this data driven approach, we are extremely proud to announce we expanded process mining to the student journey for the renowned Erasmus School of Law.  Erasmus School of Law offers both undergraduate, graduate and PhD education in law and criminology.