Apolix is nominated for most promising start-up of 2021 in the Netherlands!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Apolix is selected as one of the most promising start-ups of 2021 in the Netherlands by MT/Sprout!

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Erasmus School of Law Student Journey – Customer Success Story

In our previous project, we focused on the student application process to attract international top talent to the EUR. Drawing upon the success of this data driven approach, we are extremely proud to announce we expanded process mining to the student journey for the renowned Erasmus School of Law.  Erasmus School of Law offers both undergraduate, graduate and PhD education in law and criminology.

Erasmus University Admission Process – Customer Success Story

Within the Erasmus University, the ability to understand processes and improve student experience is part of their digitalisation strategy. The digitalisation of processes and capability towards a data driven organisation serves the solution for problems within the admissions process. Process Mining is the perfect fit to help build understanding and create more enthusiasm for data-driven working.

Process Mining? Dit moet je weten.

Bij proces mining werken we niet in post-its, maar met broodkruimels die worden achtergelaten in IT-systemen. Elke stap die in ERP/CRM wordt uitgevoerd laat een denkbeeldige broodkruimel achter in de vorm van log data. Met process mining teken je het procesmodel door het spoor van deze broodkruimels te volgen.

Introduction to Process Mining – What you need to know

You can compare Process mining can to the bread-crumb trail famously left by Hensel and Gretel. Like Gretel process mining traces those breadcrumbs back to form a process model. In this introduction to process mining, you will learn what it is all about and how it will add value to your process excellence.

Get started with the Action Engine – Celonis Snap

Process mining empowers your organisation to continuously improve your business processes. You can take actions with the Celonis Action Engine based on the findings from your dashboard. This video teaches you to set up Action Engine skills to help underperforming employees become more efficient.

Process Mining with RPA – A World Class Synergy

One of the many improvements process mining supports is identifying and minimising repetitive manual work. This is the main reason industry experts acknowledge the synergy between process mining with RPA. Awareness increased at the C-suite that they should know which processes to automate first and why.

Process Mining Webinar Agenda

Over the last months we have published several blogs and gave many demos to show the power of process mining. In the next weeks we take this one step further. Every week we will publish a webinar covering everything you need to know about specific process mining use case in only 5 minutes! In these webinars we show the Celonis environment and how Apolix can help you optimise your processes.

Ampelmann Purchase-to-Pay – Customer Success Story

The findings indicate the importance of improving the quality of the purchase orders. Even though Ampelmann has an outstanding throughput time, much manual labour can be prevented. This will result in higher process compliance, efficiency and time for other improvement projects.

Process Mining Business Case – Call Centre Customer Service

The benefits of process mining are great, however, what exact value does this offer to your organisation? To give a better understanding how we build a business case, we have created an example analysis of a call centre and wrote a blog about it!