Company in Medical Supply & Healthcare Industry – Customer Success Story

For our customer, a company in the medical supply and healthcare industry, we made a complete visualization and analysis of their ‘personalized’ Prescription-Based Order Excellence process. From project methodology to General findings to Action Taken to Conclusion, we cover the entire process in this Customer Success Story.

Erasmus School of Law Student Journey – Customer Success Story

In our previous project, we focused on the student application process to attract international top talent to the EUR. Drawing upon the success of this data driven approach, we are extremely proud to announce we expanded process mining to the student journey for the renowned Erasmus School of Law.  Erasmus School of Law offers both undergraduate, graduate and PhD education in law and criminology.

Erasmus University Admission Process – Customer Success Story

Within the Erasmus University, the ability to understand processes and improve student experience is part of their digitalisation strategy. The digitalisation of processes and capability towards a data driven organisation serves the solution for problems within the admissions process. Process Mining is the perfect fit to help build understanding and create more enthusiasm for data-driven working.

Diergaarde Blijdorp Maintenance Process – Customer Success Story

Process mining can add value to any kind of industry, process, or organisation. The successful project Apolix did for Rotterdam’s iconic zoo, Diergaarde Blijdorp, is a great example of this. As a result of the corona measures Diergaarde Blijdorp has been closed most of 2020. We were very proud to be able to help with analysing and optimising their maintenance process.

100ProcentDriven – Customer Success Story

The vast amounts of data organisations collect is not used to its full potential. Marketing analytics turn out to be difficult, even though the value has been proven. In the journey towards a data driven marketing department, Apolix helped 100%Driven to build a predictive model with machine learning.

Ampelmann Purchase-to-Pay – Customer Success Story

The findings indicate the importance of improving the quality of the purchase orders. Even though Ampelmann has an outstanding throughput time, much manual labour can be prevented. This will result in higher process compliance, efficiency and time for other improvement projects.