Customer Success Story – Increasing Project Management Efficiency

To optimize their way of working for their project management, our customer asked us to do a project within Jira. Jira software aims to track issues to obtain agile project management. However, due to unique workflows and misuse of Jira, keeping an overview of the complete process becomes complicated. Therefore, Apolix built a customized process mining solution based on three pillars: conformance, data cleaning, and project management. The solution created resulted not only in process transparency, but we have given customized report automation and a dashboard that discovers real-time process deviations.

How is Process Mining Valuable for Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a comprehensive Sales and opportunity management platform considered the main channel to acquire customers, create quotes and manage leads. Effective sales opportunity management allows you to better plan your sales pipeline and understand your customers, enabling you to determine and prioritize potential clients based on previous data. With the help of Process Mining, you can optimize and streamline your Salesforce Sales Cloud. Read the entire article to find out how we use process mining to optimize and streamline Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Applying Process Mining to Formula 1

At Apolix, we think beyond the usual business processes now and then. Not only does this widen our perspective on new processes, but it also is an interesting thought exercise to force ourselves to look at things from another perspective. Process mining can be applied to anything, so, also Formula 1. We always tell our customers: “You have the data; we have the value”. And in fact, it’s as simple as that: where there’s data, we can extract insights through process mining. Since process mining is all about collecting the so-called digital breadcrumbs, representing when certain activities occur within a process, we can do that with any process. Read more to find out how we use Formula 1 as a process mining use case.

Customer Success Story – Increasing Efficiency in Complex Agricultural Process

Our client is the global leader in the agricultural industry for creating sustainable flowers. They experiment extensively to develop new materials. Their Material Creation process is lengthy and complex due to many variables. To bring transparency into the said process, we started by connecting two different processes that rely on each other throughout the creation of new flowers. With complete transparency into the overall process, we gave our customer the data to understand the effort for the material creation versus the actual usage of the material

Customer Success Story – Municipality of Hilversum : Streamlining Municipality Charges

The municipality of Hilversum aims to send out the annual municipality charges before the 1st of March every year. However, due to many manual interventions, the procedure around calculating and processing said charges are highly complex and time-consuming. Therefore, Apolix built a tailored process mining solution. Not only did we create transparency in the process, we gave them a risk-and-control matrix to manage the risks and a dashboard to discover in real-time the as-is situation of all charges.

Customer Success Story – Frictionless Customer Service for Telco

For our customer, a telecommunications company in the service management industry, we analyzed their customer service process. From looking at how they currently handled complex customer inquiries to reassignment rate between agents, we took the entire process under the loop. Read our the Customer Success Story where we take you through the entire journey from what the challenges were to how we optimized the process.

Process Mining Analysis — Workouts

Process mining is traditionally used in a business setting yet the power of process mining truly lies in its versatility and clarity. As such, it can be applied to many different use-cases. Applying process mining to a workout regime is an interesting study to look at and to show the many applications of Process Mining. Read on to find out how to use process mining for workouts and how this can improve your workout regime.

The Benefits of Process Mining for Order Management

In most industries, order management is the first step to engage in a strong long-lasting customer relationship. The process starts with the moment from which an order is received upon until the order was shipped and the customer paid the invoice. Having an effective and reliable order management process is a massive challenge for most firms due to the complexity of the process and the volume of orders, especially for larger organizations. However, with the emergence of process mining firms can now get a full transparency of their O2C processes while improving in key performance areas such as labour productivity or customer satisfaction.

Process Mining for Mobility? This is what you need to know

Individual mobility behaviors are continuously recorded through mobile phones, wireless networking devices, and GPS appliances using various positioning methods.

These mobility statistics are crucial for gaining a better understanding of people’s mobility habits. Recent studies reveal that, despite differences in the mobility areas visited by individuals, human behaviors in mobility are very regular, implying that most people follow a simple and repeatable pattern.

With the help of Process Mining, it’s possible to visualize and improve also the mobility sector!