Apolix is recognized as Platinum Celonis Partner

Apolix is recognised as Celonis Platinum Partner

Apolix is recognized as Platinum Partner for Celonis. An achievement that highlights we are worldwide one of the best Celonis partners and shows our expertise in the field of process mining. 

Platinum Partner  

Apolix’s ambition is to be the best in the services we provide, and we have been excelling in this by continuously delivering true business value for our clients. Going from a Certified Celonis Partner to Platinum Partner in a short period is proof of our continuous hard work, fully understanding Celonis, and the ability to translate the value of the data to our clients. Recently, Celonis announced Apolix as one of the most successful and fastest-growing partners globally.


Apolix is a consulting agency specialized in Process Mining. With the vast amount of unused data collected and stored in IT systems, Process Mining uncovers the reality in business processes. We enable businesses to transition towards fact-based decision making, rather than using intuition. Process Mining allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies and deviations with laser precision. Most importantly, the advantage over traditional process excellence approaches is that Process Mining is 100% data-driven. Therefore no matter the complexity, Process Mining can quantify the gap between design and reality.

Intertwined throughout the entire company, are our company philosophies. These are Data-Driven, Transparency, and Business Value.